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American Society of

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American Medical Writers Assoc.




I have spent fifteen years as a journalist, writing for national and international magazines, during which time I have researched and written on everything from asteroids to rodeos. I have travelled extensively all over the world, and interviewed individuals from all walks of life, from NASA scientists to race car drivers to political figures to Moroccan sheep herders. I enjoyed hearing every single one of their stories. I’ve published novels, too. But I discovered that I enjoyed the interviewing and the writing more than having my name in print. 


That’s what led me to ghostwriting. 


Tell me your story and I will write it - in your voice. It really is that simple. I use my experience and my writing talent to put your name in print. 


I am a professional member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) and the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA). I have an honors degree in anthropology and a Masters degree in Creative Writing. I’ve won awards for my fiction and non-fiction writing, and I now serve as a judge for national magazine awards. 


Your Story.  Your Voice.


Call me now for a one hour consultation. It’s free.

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