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It may be your memoirs, your autobiography, the story of how you became successful, a tale of your many travels and experiences, or it may be the story of a parent’s life, or a child’s life. It could be a fictional novel that you have in mind, or a book of short stories that is brewing. Whatever it is,  I can help you write it. 



You Have a Story to Tell 

 That’s  what  I  do  best

Why me?


As a journalist I have conducted hundreds of interviews with people from all walks of life, from all over the world. My passion is telling people’s stories. I completed an honors degree in anthropology and archaeology because I love discovering what makes people who they are. I went on to complete a Master’s degree in creative writing and publish my own novels because I love to write. 

Your Story. Your Voice. 


Take advantage of my skills and experience to help you tell your story. In your voice. Your way. It’s that simple. Through a series of interviews over a period of approximately 6 - 9 months I will hear your story and craft it the way you would like it to be told.  Call me for a free one hour consultation at 604.291.1711 or email me at

How does it work?


It is important that we are comfortable working with each other. If you’re happy with what we discuss over the phone and you think you would like to work with me, then you provide travel expenses (airfare and hotel) and I will spend one or two days with you listening carefully to the story you want to tell or the project you would like to launch. We can meet at your home, your office, or any other setting. I will also provide you with a signed confidentiality agreement so that you feel comfortable that everything you tell me will remain confidential, whether you continue to work with me or not. After we become better acquainted, if you still wish to work with me, we will sign a contract and embark on an exciting journey to complete your very own writing work! Most books take an average of 6 - 9 months to complete. Upon completion you will have a completely edited manuscript that you may wish to send to an agent or publisher, or you may choose to self-publish.

Will you help me with publishing?


If you decide to self-publish, or to send your manuscript to an agent or publisher, I can help with that.

If your book is non-fiction, you will require a book proposal. These services will be charged separately.

Do you require a share of the royalties?


My fees reflect the amount of work that goes into writing a book. If you decide to publish your book, any royalties or other sources of income from the work will be yours to keep. It is the interviewing and writing that I enjoy. Whether you choose to acknowledge my contribution to your book in print is entirely up to you.  

  ...I just love to write.



“I am a part of all I have met…”  Lord Alfred Tennyson

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© 2015 Ann Chandler. All rights reserved

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