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Ann Chandler is talented, dedicated, and hardworking. 

Her writing is engaging, perceptive, and always meticulously researched, her fictional characters authentic and credible, and her creativity boundless. 


Keith Maillard

Prize-Winning Author of 13 fiction novels, including 

Clarinet Polka,and the poetry collection Dementia Americana


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Love Your Body

Best Health We often gaze enviously at glamorous-looking women in magazines and the movies, thinking we could never look like that. Perhaps pregnancy has changed our bodies; maybe a disease has eroded our self-confidence. We think we’re too fat or too thin, our breasts are too small or too large, we have stretch marks on our tummies, bony knees or a big nose. There’s always something. But boudoir photography is showing women they don’t need to be a model to feel sexy, confident and beautiful.